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Share humor with one click. Share funny videos, funny pictures, jokes and memes never been so easy and all in one app.Start now to share!
Watch and share videos, pictures, jokes and memes of the more than 4000 files and growing day by day.
With Risa App you can view and share videos with laughter, humorous images, memes, short jokes.Now we have as a creator of new memes, memes selecting from your phone, taking a picture, choosing memes blank or using a photo of Risa App.
Things to do in Risa App:
With Risa App you have a wide base and share files to see if this were not enough if our database file grows day by day getting videos, pictures, jokes and memes that we send our users. You can also send us your funny videos, pictures or your funny your jokes.We have more than 4000 reasons to make you laugh and waiting to be shared. (Ha ha ha)We offer a long list of fun, funny and raunchy videos, which you can share directly with your friends, divided into subcategories: accidents, animals, love, drunk, jokes, runs, falls, shopping, sports, fails, fire, beats, music, motor, Christmas, Halloween.
What do you expect to start sharing videos of laughter?
Apart from power sharing videos you can also share funny images and some loveVariety of images of mood are waiting inside, What are you waiting to join?
Okay, weve said that we laugh and funny videos and pictures ... memes. But you can also share jokes and short chains.
Great variety of jokes of all kinds, Pepito, of Louie, rude, feminist, sexist, and many more.Download our app now and enjoy a huge collection of humor.
Remarkable features: Ability to send videos, images and jokes. Filter content by categories mood. Search using our search engine.
Risa App is a platform whose sole purpose is to facilitate the incorporation of videos, pictures and texts to the network, in line with the rules of the DMCA. In any case Risa App liable for content posted on their space.
By uploading or posting Content Risa App the user is providing a transferable license to use, reproduce, distribute non-exclusive worldwide license, royalty-free, and all or some of the content (and its derivative works) in any format and through any communication channel.
Risa App urges any natural or legal person who was owner of some of the images contained in it, proving it by email to committing Risa App the immediate withdrawal of that image once checked in their case, ownership of the protected image.